How To Install And Run Android 4.0 On Mac, Windows PC Or Linux

STEP 1: Head over to the official ore cal vm virtual box site and download the relevant virtual box binary for your computer operating system (Windows/MAC OS/ Linux/Solaris).

 STEP 2: save this application where u want & install as u would with any other native application making sure to follow all on screen instruction's.

STEP 3: NOW , download the copy of ICE "CREAM SANDWICH" which has been p reconfigured for virtualization  & features seamless mouse support for navigation .

STEP 4: Download the "ANDROID-v4.7z'  file & extract the content from within .

STEP 5: once the "ANDROID-v4.7z" file has been opened,locate a file from within the archive called "" which as u can tell bye the file extension is a p reconfigured virtual box file .

STEP 6: double click on the "android-V4.BOX" file which will load the virtual box application & boot up the ICS file .

STEP 7: when the boot menu is presented in virtual-box  press "start" on the top toolbar & then if required select the "android start up from /dev/sda' option .

STEP 8: All steps are complete . Android 4.0 ICS should be booting up allowing u to enjoy that ANDROID GOODNESS .