introduce the new visual studio 2012

·       What's New in Visual Studio 2012

1.       Designing and building Windows Store apps

·         Understand the basics of Windows Store apps.
·         Build a Windows Store app by using one of several default project templates, which provide the files, resources, and structure for various kinds of Windows Store apps.
·         Build a Windows Store app by using XAML and C++, C#, or Visual Basic.
·         Build and test a Windows Store app by using Team Foundation Build
·         Build a Windows Store app by using JavaScript.

·         Debug a Windows Store app locally by using the traditional debugging model for Visual Studio.
·         Debug a Windows Store app by using the Windows Store simulator.
·         Debug a Windows Store app interactively by using JavaScript debugging tools, including DOM Explorer and JavaScript Console window.
·         Find performance bottlenecks in your functions and algorithms.
·         Create a developer account at the Windows Store, or reserve a name for your Windows Store app.

·         understand the basics of Windows Phone apps.
·         Build an app by using C# or Visual Basic and XAML.
·         Register for a Windows Phone Dev Center account.
·         Submit your app into the Windows Phone Store.

4.       Projects and Solutions

1.       Work with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 projects and files in both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010 SP1.
2.       Browse code in Solution Explorer
3.       Install online samples.
4.       Solutions load asynchronously.

5.       Window Management

·         Preview files in the Code Editor.
Reduce file clutter in the editor by viewing files without opening them. Preview files appear in a blue tab on the right side of the document tab well. The file opens if you modify it or choose the Openbutton.
·         Access frequently used files more easily.
·         Arrange windows on multiple monitors more effectively.
·         Change the color scheme of the IDE.
            Choose either the Light or Dark color theme for the Visual Studio UI.
6.     Search
·         Search across the IDE.
           Specify a word or a phrase, and then choose an entry from the list to open the dialog box or
           window that’s associated with the item or command.
·         Search in tool windows.
·         Find strings by using regular expression syntax from the .NET Framework.

·         Specify more semantic colorization.
More C++ tokens now have colorization by default, and you can specify more colorizations.
·         Use improved reference highlighting.
·         Choose member functions as you type.
·         Take advantage of C++/CLI IntelliSense.
·         Speed up your coding by using code snippets.

·         Use features of ECMAScript 5 and HTML5 DOM.
  • Use features of ECMAScript 5 and HTML5 DOM.
·         Use Go To Definition to locate function definitions in source code
·         Extend JavaScript IntelliSense to improve support for libraries from other organizations.
·         Control which objects are available in global scope.
·         Get IntelliSense information for objects in dynamically loaded scripts.

9.     Visual Basic
·         Write asynchronous code in an easy and intuitive way.
·         Obtain caller information that assists with tracing and debugging.
·         Maintain the simplicity of a For Each loop for a complex list sequence.
·         Understand better how your code flows.
·         Define a namespace outside of the root namespace of your project.

10.  Visual C#
·         Write asynchronous code in an easy and intuitive way.
·         Obtain caller information that assists with tracing and debugging.

11.  Visual C++
·         Write code that conforms to the C++11 language standard.
·         Create Windows Store apps and games by using C++.
·         Write faster, more efficient code by using compiler improvements.
·         Equip your app to run more quickly and efficiently when multiple processors are available.
·         Make your code more robust.
·         Equip your app to run faster by using multiple CPUs.
  • Take advantage of power-efficient GPUs to increase performance.
You can speed up your data parallel algorithms by using the new C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP) library and new debugging and visualization features to enable them to run on GPUs or other accelerators from a variety of vendors.

12.  JavaScript
·         Introduce additional run-time constraints and error-checking into your code.
·         Handle binary data from sources such as network protocols, binary file formats, and raw graphics buffers.
·         Use the Windows Runtime in Windows Store apps.
·         Add background workers that run in parallel with the main page.

13.  Visual F#
·         Program directly against rich spaces of data and services, such as databases, web services, web data feeds, and data brokers.
·         Query databases directly in the F# language.

·         Track tasks and boost productivity by using an enhanced interface.
·         Work more efficiently in a version-controlled codebase.
·         Conduct and track code reviews by using new tools.
·         Perform unit testing by using a dedicated tool.
·         Find duplicate code so that you can refactor.
·         Work offline.

·         Improve page load time when referencing JavaScript and CSS files.
·         Work with projects that target earlier versions of the .NET Framework.
·         Avoid cross-site scripting attacks.
·         Write asynchronous web applications more easily.

·         Write code that’s called directly by data-bound controls.
·         Make pages perform better through unobtrusive JavaScript.

18.  Find performance bottlenecks in your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
19.  You can troubleshoot symptoms like a lack of responsiveness in the UI or slow visual updates by using the UI Responsiveness Profiler.
·         Create unit test projects for a Windows Phone app.
·         Deploy a Windows Phone app at a command prompt.

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